tanz_house is a forum of independent choreographers from Salzburg. The association was officially established in 1999 and has two main foundations.

As a part of the ARGEkultur, situated in the center of Salzburg, the choreographic production centre tanz_house studio is one basis , and the other is an event, i.e. the tanz_house Autumn Festival which takes place once a year in October. 


tanz_house festival / tanz_house herbst

consists of a national (Austrian) and international festival during the month of October which takes place every two years. tanz_house Festival is held for two weeks, tanz_house herbst for one week, it presents contemporary productions of tanz_house members and other artists with strong connections to the Forum. They come from Austria and also abroad.


tanz_house studio

tanz_house Salzburg, established in 1999.

The association provides the space for the production company and the choreographic centre tanz_house as a studio.

It also stages the Autumn Festival (tanz_house herbst or tanz_house festival) in October each year.

The choreographers from Salzburg create their productions at the tanz_studio site.

he site is also used for training and workshops. It is a meeting place and centre for the professional independent dance and performance community, also for those who work in Salzburg temporarily. Nearly all productions of the members of tanz_house are created at the studio and it is the perfect space suited to trying out new works or those in progress (which can also been shown at the studio).

tanz_house association also offers residencies to emerging artists.

tanz_house artists

tanz_house artists in alphabetic order

Editta Braun, Marion Hackl, Lisa Hinterreithner, Mirjam Klebel, hubert Lepka, Anna Maria Müller, Susan Quinn, Julia Schwarzbach, Tomaz Simatovic, Helene Weinzierl