What community power plants, vegetables grown in the region and contemporary dance might have in common:

Independent Dance and Choreography are often struggling, particularly if located far from a major city. The freedom we love, need and want can at times easily turn into free fall. It is not sufficient to work hard and do your best - the works must be visible, they have to be performed and seen.  But there are devices to stop free fall.

One such device is networking which makes the productions visible across regional borders. The initiative TanzAchse was founded by a small group of local Austrian Dance Festival performers and  provides a basis for the exchange of high-quality productions . We intend to increase the exposure of regionally produced, Austrian programs, made by women, and promote them beyond their local borders. 

From the Burgenland to Kärnten, from Linz to Salzburg certain networks can now be used to expose creative work and further the interest of the public - and thus the touring of dance companies across all of Austria. 

New members are welcome. 

The productions we promote are high-quality only: TanzAchse productions are productions which deserve an audience. 


tanz_house Salzburg

CCB - Choreographisches Centrum Bleiburg

Tanzimpulse Salzburg

TanzHafen Festival Linz

Tanzamt Klagenfurt