Bodhi Project & GN | MC

This creation by Guy Nader and Maria Campos is based on the vocabulary that the tandem has been developing in their latest creations using specific physical tasks that involve patterns of repetition, weight and group collaboration characterized by high precision in relation to time and space.

In dealing with those elementary notions, their minimalistic approach steers our attention to a deep analysis of the body mechanics and the anatomy of collaboration between multiple bodies in action. GN|MC's work focuses on creating group dynamic constellations based on the complicity of each individual that constantly networks with the others emphasizing a unique mass of bodies which ceaselessly defies gravity.

GN | MC is an ensemble based in Barcelona. The Lebanese and Spanish choreographers and dancers, Guy Nader and Maria Campos, collaborate together since 2006. They have been developing their own artistic language through movement and together they have drawn a common interest in partnering work. There work has been shown internationally in numerous prestigious festivals.

International touring company BODHI PROJECT is part of the Blackmountain non-profit organization, an association to promote contemporary dance and performance in Austria and abroad. Its “home base” and production address is SEAD Salzburg. Guided by the artistic visionary Susan Quinn, BODHI PROJECT's repertoire is stylistically diversified, touring internationally and showcases the artistic and technical excellence of the dancers.

Choreography: Guy Nader and Maria Campos

Performance: Bernat Macia Perez, Cristina Valdivielso Garcia, Diogo Santos, Efthymia Chatzakou, Elise Ludinard, Jun Wang, Yun Liu

Production: Blackmountain

Funding: SEAD, Stadt Salzburg , Land Salzburg, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich


approx. 45 min

28.10. - SZENE Salzburg – 8.15 p.m.

Photo: Chris Rogl