The egocentric – Luan de Lima

Society is a fabric of shaped behaviour. Have we ever being ourselves without fearing what others would think about us? A naked body and its memories in an empty space. The egocentric is a work in progress dealing with a body and its memories of what it was and what it wants to be. Inspired by Egon Schiele's self-portraits and the deformation of his paintings to reconquer the form of the body to a new birth, the egocentric embraces its path to discover a new self.

Luan de Lima is a Brazilian performer currently base in Vienna, Austria. In Brazil, he worked with the dance company from Caxias do Sul, Ney Moraes grupo de dança and grupo Quarta Parade. In 2010 Luan continued his studies in dance at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) where he got his diploma in performing arts. As a choreographer, he collaborated with Matan Levkowich in the piece Boys don't cry with Mzamo Nondlwana in Room no. 24 and with Evandro Pedroni and Daniel Medeiros in Menage. Nowadays Luan is a freelance dancer working for Cielaroque/Helene WIenzierl, Cie. Willi Dorner, Anton Lachky dance company and has being collaborating with the works from Mirjam Sögner and Sebastian Zuber.

Choreography, Performance: Luan de Lima

Original music: Oliver Stots

Artistic advisement: Helene Wienzierl, Uwe Brauns and Alberto Cissello

Coproduction: Cielaroque/helene weinzierl

Two in the clock - Alberto Cissello & Uwe Brauns

A duet, which looks at daily interactions between people. How does our body communicate?

“I mean…that's normal.”

“mmm…wait. Actually, now that you say it…”

“Exactly. We really should. Shouldn't we?”  



“Damn it! Have you heard what happened?!”

“Of course…that's too much.”

“I can't believe that no one talks about it…”  



“My god, I really can't wait to do that!!”

“You absolutely should…”

“That's amazing! What about tomorrow?”

“Perfect for me! What time?”

to be continued.

Uwe Brauns and Alberto Cissello first met in 2017 during the creation of the production As far as we are with CieLaroque/helene weinzierl. Afterwards they decided to develop a common artistic statement by undertaking together a new creative process. Two in the clock is the result of their first research and represents a starting point of their new journey. Central focus through their working process is the human body and its language in everyday life.

Creation, performance: Alberto Cissello, Uwe Brauns

Original music: Oliver Stotz

Coproduction: CieLaroque/helene weinzierl

Photo: Luan de Lima

Luan de Lima

The egocentric

Alberto Cissello &

Uwe Brauns

Two in the clock

double bill

approx. 50 min

1.11. – tanz_house studio – 7 p.m.

Photo: Helene Weinzierl