„When I let my thoughts wonder into my childhood, images of many different kinds of playgrounds appear. Some of them where playgrounds in the usual sense of the word, with swings, sandboxes and climbing frames. Others were less meant for playing but sometimes even richer in the possibilities they offered, like forests, barns, attics or storage spaces full of cardboard boxes. The action of playing, however, stayed the same and was always also exploring, learning and generating knowledge.

In its essence the making of art is very similar to playing. We explore topics creating certain rules or limitations and then we experiment with the game until we find what moves us and what spurs us on. We practice something, which was innate to us as children: the capacity to recognize the poetic-symbolic potential. We want to look through the appearances of things and give back significance to the stories they tell us and how they move us. It is our task to observe the world and serve as a mirror for it.

In the past years it has become more and more common that curators or funding bodies influence, which socio-political issues should be treated, through all too specific terms and conditions.

Art, however, has always held a certain visionary aspect, which is an essential component of its function. Therefore it is important to me, as the curator of this festival, to give the artists playgrounds in which they can explore and share the thoughts and ideas which move them right now, without any constraints. tanz_house (association of freelance choreographers Salzburg) embraces a diversity of artists who bring a richness of ideas, aesthetics and forms of expression to the table which shall come to you, our dear audience, in exactly this manner. This years guest artists are just as eclectic in their approaches and they round off the program playfully and effortlessly.

And so I would like to invite you to our playgrounds in order to discover something excitingly simple, marvellously ugly or extraordinarily banal; knowing that everything we do, in the end, only comes into the world through your presence and openness.”


Iris Heitzinger