Julyen Hamilton & dancers of SEAD

Solo voices

The voice of the chorus

The spontaneous solo voice integrated in the community's chorus

The voice of the spoken

The voice of the sung

Collecting stories of place, past and vision

A piece which listens to their space, time, dreams and curiosness.

Walking to collect water: a sharing of the time to attending basic needs; the privacy of shared action; collecting many elements which, when brought together, create something of its own.

After The Duo Now by Julyen Hamilton and Barre Phillips we see this piece, which Julyen made in collaboration with dancers of SEAD - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.

SEAD - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance is a school focused on creative, technical and intellectual work. Students are highly challenged to invest themselves in growth of their personal and artistic maturity. The curriculum of SEAD rests on the philosophical foundation, that making art engenders knowledge. Therefore, students are provided with opportunities to work with renowned and innovative artists from around the world and to take part in a range of classes, workshops and performances. Students are included in every aspect of SEAD's national and international performing and educational activities. As part of a network of leading institutions in contemporary dance, SEAD has invited Julyen Hamilton to teach the dancers in his unique and thought provoking methods of improvisation.

Choreography & decor: Julyen Hamilton

Performance: Akira Yoshida Michel, Alexander Tesch, Ana Bleda Torres, Ariel Hayoun, Charlie Brittain, Chloe Lendormy, Diego Francisco Rueda, Jin Lee, Joan Aguilá Cuevas, Jovana Zelenovic, Margareta Firinger, Máté Asboth, Michaela Kadlcíková, Noémie Anneg, Paul Couchard, Prunelle Bry, Sam Huczkowski, Samuli Eric Emery, Sati Veyrunes, Shiri Perelmuter, Stefano De Luca, Susanna Ylikoski, Tristan Benon, Wai Schreyeck

Funding: Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich


Collecting Water

55 min

30.10. - SZENE Salzburg – 8.15 p.m.

Photo: Bernhard Müller