Lisa Hinterreithner & Laura Navndrup Black

Luftig enters a haptic world of moved air. As far as our sense of vision is concerned air does not exist. Perhaps that is why it is often overlooked as a material. Yet we breathe it, feel it, move through it. It literally holds us together. Filling the void between us, it connects us to each other and everything else. Our research series on air as material investigates the notion of wind as a conveyor of tactile aesthetic experience.

Students from the Danish National School of Performing Arts and dancers of the Musisches Gymnasium Salzburg are invited to re-make and transform Lisa Hinterreithner's and Laura Navndrup Black's haptic performance loop It might be windy – it will be dark. How will students and audience immerse themselves in the windy space?

In her works the performance artist Lisa Hinterreithner addresses bodies, materials and objects. In the last years she collaborated with Jack Hauser, Julius Deutschbauer, Martina Ruhsam, Rotraud Kern and Lilo Nein amongst others. She teaches performance and research at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) and at the Danish National School for Performing Arts in Copenhagen.

Laura Navndrup Black (DK) is a Copenhagen-based choreographer working with dance, film, installation and education. Equally concerned with participation, education and performance in both global and local contexts. She is Head of Dance Partnership at The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen, and is undertaking ph.d. research at University of Agder, Norway.

Concept: Lisa Hinterreithner, Laura Navndrup Black

Performance: Students of Dance Partnership/Danish National School of Performing Arts Kopenhagen and students of Musisches Gymnasiums Salzburg

A research project by Up. | Lisa Hinterreithner in collaboration with The Danish National School of Performing Arts Kopenhagen, the University of Agder Norway and the Musisches Gymnasium Salzburg.

Funding: Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg


approx. 20 min loops

29.10. – tanz_house studio – 6 till 8 p.m.

(free admission, entrance possible at any time, limited places)

Photo: Lisa Hinterreithner