Les Chasseurs Cueilleurs

WeWood is a performance for three dancers and 24 wooden objects, which are assembled to create volumes, cubist landscapes, animated figures or visual music. A dialogue between three characters, who hide and reveal themselves through their relationship with the objects that surround them. A polyphony of surrealist situations where the abstraction of gestures becomes a refuge, an escape from the present, from the tangible, an opening of an imaginary world arousing from the observation of banality.

Federica Porello, is a dancer and teacher formed at P.A.R.T.S. Brussels. She has been working as an interpreter/collaborator for different dance companies and also joining creations of puppetry and shadow theatre performances. She is currently working with the choreographer Albert Quesada, the company Mal Pelo and ZOO/Thomas Hauert.

Xavi Moreno, is a performing artist with an eclectic formation: theatre, acrobatics, butoh, dance and clown. He frequented the atelier of puppetry Pepe Otal in Barcelona where he accompanied the creation of object theatre performances. He has been working for the company ADONK!, for Oscar Valsecchi, and Thomas Hauert.

Marine Broise, is a dancer and actress, formed at the London Contemporary Dance School and at the EXCERCE in Montpellier. She worked with the theatre director Bruno Meyssat and in 2003 she met Camille Boitel with whom she has been working ever since in different performances.

Federica, Xavi and Marine met working for the company AdonK!, developing a common language between dance and human size puppets manipulation. Nourished by this experience they decided to cultivate this research of hybrid languages, this time focusing on the relation between gestures and objects, as a departure point for the creation of WeWood.

Creation, interpretation: Federica Porello, Xavi Moreno, Marine Broise

Choreography, dramaturgy: Federica Porello

Light design: Joana Serra

Original Music: Fanny Thollot

Construction: Xavi Moreno

Artistic advisement: Xavi Bobes, Pep Ramis

Refinements: Roland Shön

Production:  Cie Les Chasseurs Cueilleurs

Photo: Benjamin Sommabere

Coproduction: IF Barcelona, L'animal a l'esquena, Probedones d'Abaigt

Support: MIMA - Arts de la Marionnette, Odradek/Pupella-Nogués

Residencies: La Caldera, La Visiva, L'animal a l'esquena, Teatre Zona Nord (Catalonia). Probedones d'Abaigt, La Page d'Aventure, Le Théâtre de Cuisine Friche de la Belle de Mai, La Cave Coopérative Baro d'Evel, Odradek/ Pupella-Nogués, Le Casino Lavelanet (France).



55 min

31.10. – ARGE Saal – 8.15 p.m.

Photo: Benjamin Sommabere