A female singer with a silken voice, live electronics, a drummer, "unwearable fashion" and video art. An interdisciplinary music performance with compositions inspired by the life of the artist in Barcelona.

„Playfully eccentric pop from Austria: Madame Humtata sets up her audiolicious debut between Björk and the Dresden Dolls. Very strong!“ (Kurier)

„This woman has a lot of authenticity and originality.“ (OÖ.Nachrichten)

„What can I say - you have to like it.“ (Plattenladen)

Madame Humtata aka Christine Hinterkörner is a freelance artist in the fields of contemporary music and performance art. Graduated at the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz (2006) in jazz- and pop vocals and music & media technology. She composes and sings in various music and dance projects. From  2007- 2009 she has worked abroad in Barcelona, developing as a singer and musical director for the contemporary dance company Sol Pico and doing performances in Europe and Asia. In 2010 Christine founded the artist figure Madame Humtata. She was honored with the Anton Bruckner composition scholarship for the project Madame Humtata and Ángel Modales Orchestra, which was created in 2011. With unconventional stage outfits Christine Hinterkörner gives Madame Humtata an eccentric fashion identity.

Artistic direction, composition, lyrics, performance/voice: Madame Humtata

Drums: Eyht aka Max Gollnhuber

Electronics: Patrik Huber

Music production: Michael Hornek, Madame Humtata

Video: Reinhold Bidner_inOut (Vienna), Andre Cruz (Barcelona)

Costume design: “Trash Couture” by Madame Humtata, Stiliana Mitzeva, Iris Heitzinger, Christina Hirt

Official music video “Fat Black Spider”: Las Gafas (Linz)




Madame Humtata

Fat Black Spider

50 min

1.11. – ARGE theatre – 8.15 p.m.

Photo: Tom Mesic