Tomaž Simatović

Suddenly the floor was not there explores the rescue activity after the collapse of the commercial building Rana Plaza, as documented by the photography of Sk Hasan Ali. The infamous architectural incident in Bangladesh, where 1300 workers died and more than 3000 were injured, remains a symbol of ignorance, greed and exploitation of human labor, yet it shows the power of solidarity.

In this context the artist will conduct a workshop prior the festival around the topic of trust and participation, inviting audience to partake and to engage in the project. No particular background is needed, but a will to partake and engage into a participatory activity between artists and spectators, exploring together the power of a giving hand. All interested please find more information on

Tomaž Simatović (SLO/A) is a choreographer, performer and dancer. He is developing solo- and collaborative performance projects in the intersection between performances and installations. His work has been presented nationally and internationally in form of performances, workshops and writings. In Salzburg he is a member of tanz_house and has worked with ARGEkultur, SEAD, SZENE, Mozarteum, Toihaus, Festspiele, edita braun company, Mirjam Klebel, Hubert Lepka, Susan Quinn and Beda Percht. He studied dance at the SEAD and choreography at the ArtEZ Arnhem NL. Currently Tomaz is developing a participatory project in collaboration with INFLUX Salzburg and works intensively with Georg Blaschke/M.A.P. Wien.

Concept, choreographer, performer: Tomaž Simatović

Project assistant, performer: Nayana Bhat Kesheva

The project has been created with the support of the workshop participants, tanz_house festival, INFLUX Salzburg, the audience of the performance project “The Way You Touched Me Tonight” who donated clothes, ARGEkultur Salzburg.

Funding: Land Salzburg

Suddenly the floor was not there

50 min.

24.10. – ARGE Studio – 7 p.m.

A performative and participatory installation

Photo: Sk Hasan Ali