Anna Maria Müller was born in Salzburg and graduated with Honours in Theatre Sciences, studied at the Arts Educational School in London, at Vienna University as well as the Bruckner University at Linz.  She has been working independently as a dancer and trainer of Pilates (in 2009 the Pilates Institute Innsbruck was established).  She was a member of the postgraduate company, x.IDA, under the artistic management of Esther Linley and Johannes Randolf. During this period she performed works with Frans Poelstra, Catherine Guerrin, and Martin Sonderkamp. She is a member of the ensemble laurine torren (Teilung am Fluss, Mars, Hannibal, Fried) as well as the Ensemble Cataract. Since 2005 she has independently performed works with various artists in the area of film, music, performance and dance. Anna's technique as a dancer is based on a broad spectrum of performance, which includes Jazz as well as Ballet and contemporary dance. Acting ability is part of her repertoire and further increases her ways of expression.

As a Pilates trainer,  Anna's approach is directed toward fullfilling the needs of an indivual client and making it all inclusive.


Photos: Lorenzi, Bettina Frenzel