The Ensemble Cataracts – Bespoke Artwork since 1989

The Ensemble produces work which is borderline, i.e. it touches on art, on science and the economy where they overlap. The productions take place at special locations. What matters is authenticity, to feel the pulse of time and  translate it into projects.

These projects can be the mapping of buildings and objects, urban art forms and cabaret/burlesque style performances.  Many major private companies (e.g. Mercedes, BMW, BWT, Allianz,  Mondi, FMT, Palfinger, A1...) as well as public ones (Linzer Klangwolke, Frankfurt, Salzburg, Athens, Kuchl, Kärnten, EU...) are currently putting their trust in our instinct for presenting what really matters. Using the artistic potential of our team, we present the essential in entertaining ways.


Beda Percht - Performing Arts & Live Communication

Producing a work is based on a particular artistic environment.  This may challence the performing artists. Technical requirements need to be resolved as well,  administrative issues worked out, and the wishes of who commissioned the work need to be met.  Once the former has been accomplished, the Company is in a position to efficiently produce a work which really means to find the right nuance, the rhythm of a sequence, and to decide on ways of coordinating the various essential aspects of a work. I have developed precise tools and scenarios to be able to manage the production needs of a work.

The vision of the director  is essential to my own perception of how to stage a work.  

Which means that I thoroughly enjoy putting theatre, musical theatre, dances and performances on stage - but I equally produce exhibitions, festivals or events at a fair with great passion and dedication.

Beda Percht was born in Zell am See in 1958. He undertook studies in German Literature and Sport,, as well as dance and theatre in New York and Paris. He received world-wide commissions to work as a  dancer and choreographer, and received various awards. He also directed theatre productions, and worked  as a consultant for the production and development of cultural projects.  He is passionate about people and their ideas, and the way they are communicated, about visions  and capability. With the Ensemble Cataracts he keeps working on the presentation of culural events on a large scale in various locations.

Time is a Muscle of Mind

Yvonne Rainer